Injection production
Product quality
Our products in full accordance with ISO9001 quality control process standards, document control system throughout all aspects of production and quality control. We have independent quality control department, from raw material purchase, production, assembly and packaging to the goods, every step of quality assessment procedures have been established to ensure that customers receive the best products and services.

We have a set of advanced measuring and testing equipment, the team owned by the plastics industry, composed of experienced quality personnel 8 can be produced according to customer demand for products at any time to provide a range of test reports, such as CPK, FAI PPAP, PFMEA and so on.

The main file control program:
1. Supplier review process
2. Plasticity process product identification and product
3. Incoming inspection procedures
4. the production process inspection procedures
5. final inspection and factory inspection procedures
6. state control inspection and test procedures
7. conforming Product Control
8. corrective and preventive measures to control the process
9. customer complaints control procedures

The company has established a complete quality management system, we will continue to improve the quality of our products to ensure hundred percent of our products are qualified for the final
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